Why do Spring Rains Bring Hay Fever? New Study Explains Why

Researchers have found that pollen granules can stay airborne for up to 11 hours after the rain. Experts advise pollen-sensitive individuals to remain at home during and hours after rain downpours and thunderstorms to avoid hay fever.
Mosquito Bite

Dengue Cases Rise in Asian Countries

During this time of the year, most Asian countries are experiencing extremely high numbers of dengue cases because of the rainy season.
Strongest Storm In Six Years Slams Southern California

California Will Experience Dry Weather In Mid-March

Rains and a mild storm hit California last weekend where periods of rain were observed in the Central and Northern parts of California. This included the cities of San Francisco, Sacramento, and Redding. However, meteorologists predict that this weather won't last that long as by mid-March, California will be dry.

Can You Really Smell When It’s About to Rain? Scientists Now Know Why

Do you always know before and after it rains simply because of the smell? Now, researchers have discovered the origin of the earthy, sweet smell that lingers in the air. And though scientists have been baffled by the source of this aroma, known as Petrichor, for many years now researchers from MIT have found its origin with the help of high-speed photography.
Vehicles cruise under light snowfall on Nov. 26, 2014 in Newark, NJ.

Wintry Weather Brings Delays for Travelers Heading Home for Turkey Day

If you were expecting your relatives to arrive this morning on the Red-Eye, you may have been disappointed to hear that just like your relatives, you’ll likely be stuck at the airport most of this Turkey Day. As it happens, winter has set in this Thanksgiving, and while it’s a bit early for snow and storms of this magnitude, America has seen hundreds of delays today when airports are at their peaks.
Dust Storm During the Drought of 1934

On Droughts and Dust Bowls—California Looks Back to 1934

Recently accepted for publication by the journal Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, the research lead by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies analyzed the relative intensity and devastation caused by droughts since 1000 AD and found that though the 2014 summer in California was particularly out of the ordinary even in the driest of areas, it did not quite compare to the drought of 1934.
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