Russia's Covid-19 Vaccine Becomes the First Regulated Vaccine in the World

Vladamir Putin's Daughter Takes Part in Russia's Vaccine Trials

The Gamaleya vaccine is the first the receive regulatory approval in the world after two months of testing. Scientists around the world are skeptic, including the Association of Clinical Trials Organizations, of its efficacy and safety.
Russia Responds to UK & US Satellite Accusations

Russia Responds to UK & US Satellite Accusations

Accusations about space security and international policies are being passed by the U.K. and the U.S. against Russia and, now, vice verse. All nations are concerned about satellites in space being used as a weapon at the time that space exploration is currently having its greatest advancements.
Did Russia Fired A Satellite Weapon In Space? US and UK Thinks They Did

Did Russia Fire a Satellite Weapon in Space?

The US and UK say that Russia fired a satellite weapon in space that can target satellites in orbit. The two countries said it was concerning, but Russia has denied these accusations.
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