Mali records new Ebola case, linked to dead nurse

When It Comes to Pandemics and Outbreaks, Could Climate Change Be to Blame?

Medicine & Technology While many factors play into the development of a viral or bacterial outbreak, including herd immunity and preexisting healthcare practices, current outbreaks of the Ebola virus and the measles have many wondering exactly what’s causing the reemergence of such lethal diseases. Well, the obvious answers of vaccinations and poor sanitation conditions are readily available, but many may not consider an even more significant culprit—climate change.
HIV Infection Electron Micrograph

New HIV Strain in Cuba Has Researchers Rushing to Stop Fast Progression of AIDS

In a new study published in the journal EBioMedicine, researchers with Belgium’s University of Leuvan report the discovery of a new strain of HIV which may prove to be far more lethal to patients in the West. Originally found in patients in Cuba, the new strain poses particular threats to those infected with HIV as it can develop into AIDS within three years of infection. Though efforts have significantly lowered the infection rates of HIV, as well as prolonged lives with the help of antiretroviral drugs, researchers fear that the fast-moving virus may advance too quickly to treat.

Negative Measles Tests End Threat in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a public health warning on Sunday, Dec. 28 warning of the potential for measles exposure, which they believe may have occurred at a local CVS Pharmacy in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The next day they also reported another potential exposure at the Please Touch Museum. Fortunately, these potential measles threats have all tested negative, and it appears that the measles outbreak is no longer considered a threat by health officials.

Teen’s Death Demonstrates The Dangers of This Year’s Flu

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the death of an otherwise healthy 17-year-old girl only highlights the severity of this year's influenza outbreak. Shannon Zwanziger seemed like a perfectly health teenager. She was active and rarely got sick; in fact, she had not even seen a doctor in more than three years. Then, she came down with the flu. Within only a week of fighting the virus, she was dead.

FDA Approves a Fast-Acting Ebola Test

The fight to stop Ebola continues to rage on across the world as researchers continue to find new ways to both detect and treat the deadly virus. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved a new test to detect the virus in patients believed to be suffering from the virus.

First Case of Deadly Bird Flu Confirmed

The first case of the deadly bird flu has been confirmed in Hong Kong and health officials fear that this season may see many more infections that past cases of H7N9 -- the newest strain of the disease. Patient zero, a woman from Hong Kong, is in critical condition, and has been confirmed as having the lethal strain of the influenza virus, marking the first case of the deadly flu this winter.
Tick Infected With Bourbon Virus

Tick-Bourne ‘Bourbon Virus’ Wreaks Havoc on Kansas

While these little arachnids are not much to look at, ticks are the carriers of a myriad of diseases, which makes them of great importance to researchers. History has shown that they can cause sepsis, this past summer researchers discovered that the Lone Star tick can create a severe allergy to red meats, and now health officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that a new tick-borne virus can even cause multiple organ failure.

Why the CDC Says Bay Area Residents are In For the Flu Season of Their Lives

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning that this year's flu season could be one of the worst to date. The CDC issued a warning on Friday that the flu season has started earlier than expected and is spreading rapidly. Already reaching 29 of the 54 states and territories, this year's flu is spreading faster than previously seen. In comparison, at the same time last year, it had only spread to four states.
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