Vitamin C

Science Times - 3 Vitamins You Should Take to Stay Focused

3 Vitamins You Should Take to Stay Focused

Stay focused by adding more vitamins and minerals into your regular diet. You don't have to try all the over-the-counter products that promise you constant concentration. All you need are these 3 vitamins.
Typically, you get a lot of Vitamin C from strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes and green vegetables, among others

Vitamin C Fights Colds: How Effective is It?

For the longest time now, parents have kept reminding their kids to take their Vitamins, particularly their Vitamin C after breakfast, before leaving for school.

Vitamin C can help gold nanowires grow

Scientists discover a method to turn stubby gold nanorods into gold nanowires of impressive length. It could be valuable for sensing, diagnostic, imaging and therapeutic applications.
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