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A New Species of Tardigrades Can Survive Radiation

Skin Fluoresence Gives New Tardigrade Species Protection From UV Light

Autofluorescence or skin protection against radiation is a unique feature of a few animal species. Indian scientists discover a new species of tardigrades, which can already survive extreme environments but also survive exposure to radiation that easily kills bacteria within minutes.

Port of Los Angeles Reveals a New Resident of the City—A Roly Poly Pillbug Species

On the mother of all class field trips, a new species of marine roly poly pillbug was discovered, Los Angeles researchers from the county Natural History Museum confirm. The discovery was made as an invertebrate zoology lab course from Loyola Marymount University taught by researcher Dean Pentcheff of the museum explored a small, dirty, rocky beach at the southernmost tip of the city-less than a mile from the busiest port in America.
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