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Several Apple Watch Models Marked As Sold Out, Gives Possible Release Of Apple Watch Series 3

Feb 19, 2017 12:32 AM EST

Apple Watch Availability At Apple Store Puerta Del Sol Madrid
(Photo : Pablo Cuadra / Stringer) MADRID, SPAIN - JUNE 26: Apple Watch is now available in seven more countries (Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan.) on June 26, 2015 in Madrid, Spain.

Apple Watch models have launched five months ago. Now, Apple experiences stock shortage for the 2017 collection.

Speculations note that Apple is currently preparing a new line of Apple Watch bands called Apple Watch Series 3. This is because the company stocks of Apple Watch were marked "Sold Out" five months after its release date. According to MacRumors, Apple Watch alongside with Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7 was launched last September, and now there are only limited stocks.

Meanwhile, if possible the said Apple Watch Series 3 is expected for later in 2017. On the other hand, the Apple Post released a complete list of Apple Watch Models that are already "Sold Out" before the planned hardware refresh this year.

Sold Out Apple Watch with Aluminum case are 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with Pearl Woven Nylon, 38mm and 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Woven Nylon and 38mm Gold Aluminum Case with Yellow/Light Gray Woven Nylon. Moreover, two Apple Watch with the same size of 42mm are included: 42mm Gold Aluminum Case with Toasted Coffee/Caramel Woven Nylon and 42mm Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Space Orange/Anthracite Woven Nylon.

Sold Out Apple Watch with Stainless Steel case are 38mm and 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Saddle Brown Classic Buckle and 38mm and 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Saddle Brown Classic Buckle. Additionally, 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Midnight Blue Modern Buckle (all band sizes), 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Midnight Blue Leather Loop (both band sizes), and 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Link Bracelet were also sold out.

Fortunately, there's a great possibility that the shortage will bring a blessing to the waiting fans. It is because, Quanta Computer, the manufacturer of Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 will continue to contract with Apple. With the two companies' partnership, enthusiasts can expect Apple Watch products in the next line of Apple wearable computers and gadgets.

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