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'Huawei' Developing Its Voice Assistant For Chinese Languages And Domestic Smarphone Users

Feb 17, 2017 03:39 PM EST


Huawei Technologies Co. is up to compete with Apple Siri. The company now plans its own voice assistant for smartphone users.

The third-largest smartphone maker in the world, Huawei is now preparing to battle with its competitors. Huawei is opt to its plan on developing a voice assistant against Apple's Siri, Alphabet's Google Assistant, and Amazon's Alexa, MacRumors reported. Currently, Huawei have their more than hundred engineers for the new plan.

Accordingly, the said voice assistant is now in its early stages. This is for the main goal of easy communication in Chinese languages and domestic users. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that the company will continue to work with Amazon and Google outside China.

This plan of Huawei for a voice assistant will not only benefit the company on its sales and popularity, but also in other aspects. With its own voice assistant, Huawei will conquer its Chinese market where Google services are blocked. On top of this, Huawei is to its goal for the target sales of $33 billion this year. This could possibly soon be a big threat to Google Assistant on Google Pixel's smartphone.

Huawei is following the line of voice assistant production of development. Aside from Huawei, Samsung had already its Viv Labs as its voice assistant to be released this year. Likewise, Baidu Inc. also had its own voice assistant last 2015 as well as the Apple Siri which is on its peak of popularity.

To recall, Huawei is just a new Android manufacturer company compared to long-time and well-known companies in the world. But, over the past years, Huawei made it to be a third placer from Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. and now it pushes hard to compete. But, the company believes that this voice assistant will be a great help not only on their sales but with the Chinese languages and domestic users.

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