HP is now being crowned as the fastest growing laptop manufacturer in the world. As it released its 2017 line of Spectre, Pavilion and EliteBook x360 laptops, nothing seems to stop the U.S. based company in producing top of the line hybrid laptops.

According to Tech Crunch, HP’s EliteBook x360 2017 has a slim professional sleek design perfect for business consumers. The convertible laptop’s Skype shortcut keys, keyboard, IR facial recognition camera and fingerprint scanner are expected to be astonishing as well. Its integration of HP WorkWise to look after the laptop itself when no one is present was also identified to be one of its top security advantages.

On the other hand, AFR reported that HP’s Spectre x360 beats Apple’s MacBook Pro in many ways. The first reason was mentioned to be its flexibility and convertibility to be rotated 360 into a notebook, tablet or more. The second was its normal USB ports aside from the usual USB-C ports and its smooth keyboard and trackpad. Lastly, Spectre’s stylus and digitizer were mentioned to be better than MacBook Pro’s.

HP’s EliteBook x360 and Spectre x360 were then concluded to have their main difference to be security. EliteBook x360 has its BIOS scanner up every 15 seconds for tampering while Spectre x360 only has its 4K display. It was then concluded that the EliteBook x360 is for enterprise business users while Spectre x360 fits for consumer multimedia or student consumers.

HP’s Pavilion then comes last in terms of price which makes it the most budget friendly among the three x360 line. Pavilion x360 was stated to have its screen, graphics and processors to be well upgraded compared to its 2016 model. Nonetheless, the updated designed laptop was praised for it's 2017 integration of stylus and Work Hello’s security IR cameras as well per The Verge.

Regarding the price, the 14-inch Pavilion x360 with a Core i5 processor is said to be up for the price of $719 while its 15-inch Pavilion Notebook with a Core i5 processor and an FHD touchscreen will cost about $724. HP’s EliteBook x360 is mentioned to cost a hefty price of $1,579.00 while Spectre x360 costs $1,279.99.