Great Barrier Reef in Australia needs protection from dying. Scientists are searching for a solution and brightening the clouds above the reef may prove as the fittest approach.

There are very few people on earth who are not familiar with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This largest living thing on earth is a great mystical surprise. But, the shocking news is the reef is now facing a severe problem of existence. A recent report unveils the concept of brightening clouds to save the reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is visible from the outer space. Frequent changes of temperature in the ocean are one of the key causes that prove fatal for the said living thing. Scientists are now trying to avail an unusual approach to decrease the ocean temperature. They are trying to modify the existing marine clouds on the reef by artificially brighten them, according to the Engadget.

The process of artificially brightening the clouds can play a significant role to reflect the heat away from the sea below. Interestingly, this process is not as easy as it sounds. Great Barrier Reef is one of the biggest wonders on earth that grows naturally in the ocean. It is essential that any step to save this coral world should be very effective.

The way to make the marine clouds more reflective needs some perfect steps. Spraying the salt particles, generated from the sea water toward the low-lying marine clouds around the coastlines can brighten them efficiently. The salt can enhance the formation of droplets that ultimately increases the size and density of the clouds. No doubt the process is eco-friendly and may bring the true and fruitful result to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef is an essential part of the existing ecosystem on earth. Before implementing the said process some concrete initiatives are necessary to address a number of issues. A long area of more than 1,400 miles should be taken into consideration to implement the process of brightening the clouds.

According to the BBC News, Great Barrier Reef in Australia experienced the worst destruction of the coral reefs in 2016. The northern section of the reef is the key area where almost 67% of the corals died. Though, the situation is not so grim in the central and southern section. The alarming fact is if the climate change takes place on a regular basis, then it is difficult to recover the situation.

Currently, no specific word is visible about the implementation time of the cloud brightening project. The research team is preparing to specify a model that can determine a practical difference after brightening the clouds. But, realistically it is difficult to provide a guarantee about the positive outcome of this project. Minute searching is necessary to explore whether a sufficient amount of clouds is present in the Great Barrier Reef area or not.

Most essentially major government support is necessary to carry on the project. It is true that every planned work must have some outcome after implementing it. If the said project of artificially brightening the clouds truly proves convincing, then it can be approachable for other fields also. Protection of the Great Barrier Reef is the urgent need of the hour and any step that can bring positive result is obviously adorable.