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AMD's Radeon RX Vega Will Be Launched During The Siggraph Conference At The End Of July

Jun 01, 2017 06:44 AM EDT

AMD Radeon RX Vega
(Photo : Tech Studio/ You Tube) Gamers will have to wait a little bit longer for gaming versions of AMD's RX Vega graphics cards, with new products set to launch at the SIGGRAPH graphics conference at the end of July.

AMD has promised to customers that Radon Vega Graphics card will be launched by the end of June. The company kept to its word at Computex keynote in Taipei and pledging to launch AMD Radeon RX Vega on June 27. However, AMD CEO Lisa Su said, the high-end GPU will be released during the Siggraph conference during the end of July.

The Siggraph conference will start from July 30 and it will end on August 3, 2017. However, CEO Lisa Su guaranteed that the GPU will become available from that day. AMD tried to allure the blow by showing dual Radeon RX Vega graphics. These cards are paired with Ryzen Threadripper CPU which can cultivate through Bethesda's superb Prey at 4K resolution.

But the brief demo on screen shows, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 surpasses 60 fps at 4K resolution. In other words, there is nothing new or insightful about Radeon RX Vegas potential performance. Furthermore, Radeon RX Vega card is actually designed for data scientists, immersion engineers, and product designers but not for gamers. In gaming space, AMD's effort of making graphics card with Vega wave can go to vain and now it seems to be closing rapidly.

According to PC world, NVIDIA has already announced their next generation Volta graphics card architecture. If AMD doesn't compete well against NVIDIA flagship GTX series cards then gamers won't rely on AMD Radeon RX Vega. Instead of buying AMD, they may wait for few months to see what Volta-based GeForce graphics card offer.

Apart from this, Radeon RX Vega has four times faster memory than the previous model Radeon Fury X, Trusted reviews reported. It will also come with 13TFLOPS (trillion floating point operations per second), which is 50 percent more than the Fury X. Moreover, Radeon RX Vega will debut with 16GB of HBM 2.

Now it's clear to all that AMD's Radeon RX Vega certainly looks impressive. But the wait for Vega continues for two more months. Although the company has yet to make it official, the device will surely arrive before August.

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