Tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the first OLED display iPhone of 2017. Interestingly, a new rumor has hinted that Apple may release the big OLED display iPhone in 2018.

According to ETNews of South Korea, Apple is working to develop a bigger OLED display, like the 6.46-inch and the 5.85-inch for 2018 iPhone. Interestingly, the display size of the iPhone 8 or the probable iPhone of 2017 is also expected to be 5.85-inch. The site refers unnamed industry sources and reports that some industry observers said that Apple's display development project for 2018 iPhone has started.

The Korean site reports that the development of the 6.46-inch OLED display is eye-catching. For many years Apple has been preferring the LCD or the liquid crystal display for the iPhones. But, this year Apple is planning to introduce the first OLED featured handset replacing the LCD.

The said 6.46-inch display indicates Apple's will to expand the OLED conversion. Successful commercialization of this plan will surely increase the number of OLED iPhone from one model of 2017 to two models in 2018. According to MacRumors, nearly 6.5-inch display for the probable iPhone 9 would provide a larger screen compared to the 6.3-inch of Galaxy Note 8. Notably, South Korean tech giant Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 8 in August 2017.

The overall size of the 6.46-inch and 5.85-inch models with decreased bezels could be the same to the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 respectively. Apple sold more than 200 million iPhone units annually. The important fact is Samsung Display has already invested a huge amount to supply the Apple OLED. Reports say the Cupertino based tech giant needs seventy million OLED units in the current year.

It is expected that next year the number of the OLED units will increase and the number will reach to 170 million. The key reason behind it is the increasing number of the iPhones. Past reports hinted that Apple was preparing to launch the new iPhones with the 6.46-inch and 5.28-inch OLED displays. But, recent reports say the development of the 5.28-inch display is suspended.

The key cause behind this suspension is the increasing preference of the customers for the large and bezel-less display. The best part is bezel-less display can bring an enlarge display but don't let to increase the complete physical size of the phone. Now, people have to wait until the release of the Apple iPhone of 2017 and 2018 to avail the whole fact regarding the OLED display.