Aug 17, 2019 | Updated: 07:24 AM EDT

Food Into Medicine: How To Get It Done

Aug 14, 2019 08:16 AM EDT

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What you choose to eat every day comes with their own profound effects on the overall status of your health. Research shows that the dietary habits of an individual greatly influences the risk of diseases he may potentially suffer from. While certain foods may be the reason why people discover chronic illnesses, they never knew they had, other food items in their diet may be providing the body with an extra layer of protection from diseases. 

This is why many people argue that food can turn into medicine. It is not just about the nourishment that it provides the body. Instead, it is about the blanket of protection that food choices are able to give the body.

However, scientists believe that good and proper nutrition may help the body cope up with the stress, food items must not replace actual medicine that people need in particular circumstances. Most illnesses may be prevented, treated and even cured by lifestyle changes particularly the one that affects the food choices. There are still many others that cannot be saved by healthy food at all. 

Many nutrients in food promote health and provide the body with protection. Eating nutritious whole foods is important because the unique substances that they contain synergistically work to create desired effects in the body. Whether it is for weight loss or for an overall improvement of one's health, people can always choose to eat whole, healthy foods for no amount of supplement will be able to replace the nutrients you get from the actual eating of the item. 

It may come as a surprise but the human body only needs a small number of vitamins and minerals, but they remain to play a vital role in the survival of the human body. However, most of the diet plans from the West are vitamin and mineral deficient. Such deficiencies can significantly increase the risks for diseases. 

For example, people who take in less Vitamin C are more at risk for catching a cold or the flu. Lack of vitamin D and folate in the body could lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases that could eventually lead to a heart attack. Immune dysfunctions because of the lack of essential vitamins and minerals could put a person at risk for certain types of cancers. 

The bottom line is simple: food is life, but it could also mean medicine for some reason although it may not be used to replace traditional forms of Western Medicine, choosing to eat healthy meant knowing that the body is at its prime to do what the person aims to succeed at.

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