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In some ways, complaining is good, but overall it does not do much to help any situation. Complaining about something that you are not comfortable with or something that you do not agree about can help you release some stress. Still, when we become chronic complainers or if we surround ourselves with chronic complainers, the real problems ensue.  

Mental health issues 

According to Jon Gordon, who wrote the book "The No Complaining Rule," the more we complain and the more we surround ourselves with those who complain about a chronic level, the more unhappy we become. The harms of complaining could even be so severe that they can be compared to those of secondhand smoke. If all we do is complain constantly or listen to others complaining every day, numerous illnesses could develop, such as heart disease, and mental illness such as anxiety and depression.  

Even though there is nothing wrong with venting from time to time, the habit that comes with being so whiney and negative is not of any use to allow in our lives. You should assess those around you and identify those who complain the most and how their complaining affects you.  

Experts say that children who grew up in a household whose parents complain so much had grown up to be unexpressive of what they feel and unmotivated to do anything. They will feel discouraged from doing anything and only see the negative. It could influence the way in which they will turn out.  

Complaining can bring down your mood and the happiness of the people around you. It can also wreak havoc in other ways. It can also have a large impact on your brain functioning, and it can even take a toll on your physical health. Every time we complain, our brain works to rewire itself. This means that it makes the same reactions much more likely to happen again and again.

This is forcing us to get trapped in the same mindset as time passes, thus making us more negative. Those who complain all the time may not see how their negativity affects others. They rub off on us no matter how much we try to help them or how much we try to give them advice. Being surrounded by complainers can make us feel drained and tired, even if we didn't do any physical activities.  

How complaining could affect your health

Complaining does not entirely help to get rid of stress; in fact, it creates more stress. This is because it increases the production of cortisol within our beings. When this happens, we end up facing blood pressure raises and glucose spikes. Too much production of this can increase our risks of serious health issues, and it is something that we should all avoid as best we can, especially once we get older.  

If you are someone who complains too much or if you know people who are too negative, it is best to take a much-needed step back and monitor your complaining. It is best to shut it down before it comes out and, for the sake of your health, cut ties with those who refuse to give you the boundaries that you need.