AI is changing at a fast rate, and it should be given some thought if all artificial intelligence develops, then what are the limits to be applied. This question is taken seriously, should AI learn to read human emotions better than ourselves. What are the implications later on for mankind as more AI gain, this almost human-like ability? Does the outcome favor mankind or are the machines benefiting from it too?

 What is facial recognition?
This will enable any device to recognize the user and "read" their emotions, based on the input. Facial recognition is enabled by algorithms that play on patterns and aspects of machine learning that is programmed into the device by researchers. With more patterns and pre-programmed machine learning, detecting the right face and what to do next will be capacity. Or will this be a dangerous outcome that should not even be considered as a full machine function?

 Machines or gadgets can be taught to do many tasks, and be specific to what specific facial parameters they will for a variety of purposes. Its impact cannot be downgraded because machines will learn simple logic, that is accessible through algorithms and machine learning.

 Are emotions hard to recognize?
Detecting emotions are not easy, and humans learn by experience, while machines do it by programming and algorithms given by the researcher. More than often, a machine will make an error, just because something is lacking. Using machine learning as a way to present patterns and presets that will help an AI judge the real emotions accurately. It is not only emotions to detect human feeling, that included body language and other cues.

These layers of understanding humans are quite broad, and getting there will not be easy. Machines need to learn, be schooled beyond their algorithms and machine learning. All is good, but there are limits to how well they read all levels of communication.

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Does AI application in the workplace seems, right?

 More AI is used by businesses to evaluate all aspects of the workplace, including productivity, even during an interview for a job as well. This technique is a means to see, how remote video interviews, is under development. This creates a conundrum where everyone is judged by AI, which influences the human's decision. It might be controversial, but it might lead to that until ethnologists figure it out

 Should it be banned, at all?
Depending on the use of facial recognition, it should be banned especially in court cases and looking for a job. Should the machines have a built-in bias, they be programmed out so it will be fair for the other parties? The main parameter is that it should help not counterproductive, it not all bad after all.

Human-like AI: melded together as one.
This is the source of contention about AI, knowing how to detect human emotion and not a good though for everyone. For now, leaving the bulk of decisions to humans is better, rather than inviting something dangerous. Mankind rules and allowing such technology must be supervised at all times, for everyone's peace of mind.

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If AI Can Detect Human Emotions Will It Be Something Dangerous in the Future for Mankind