Two different Chinese doctors who were both critically ill from the coronavirus have actually seen their skin turn dark right after being brought back to life from the brink of death. Dr. Hu Weifeng and Dr. Yi Fan, had previously caught the virus when they were treating patients at the Wuhan Central Hospital back in January.

Their skin apparently changed color because of hormonal imbalances after their own livers were damaged by the virus itself, according to their doctors' statement to the Chinese state media.

Dr. Yi Fan's situation

The Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said that these two medics were previously diagnosed last January 18 after being first taken to the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital and then finally transferring twice. Dr. Yi was a cardiologist and had beat the COVID-19 after doctors then hooked him to a certain life-support machine called the ECMO for exactly 39 days.

ECMo is known as a drastic life-support procedure which actually replaces the function of the heart and lungs by the process of pumping oxygen into the blood found outside the body. Dr. Yi said that he had already largely recovered in a statement he gave to the CCTV from his very own hospital bed.

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According to Dr. Yi, he could actually move in bed normally, but has also been struggling to walk independently. Dr. Yi also confessed that this ordeal of battling the deadly disease had, to a certain extent, traumatized him.

Yi, said that he was slowly able to overcome the existing psychological hurdle slowly after doctors comforted him and had also arranged counselling for him. Right now, he is being looked after in another ordinary ward in Wuhan's China-Japan Friendship Hospital.

Dr, Hu's more serious condition

Dr. Hu Weifeng, the urologist, has actually been bed-bound with a record of 99 days and his overall health is still considered weak, according to Dr. Li Shusheng who has treated Dr. Hu. Dr. Li has also said that aside from the virus, they are also very worried about Dr. Hu's own mental health.

According to Dr. Li, Dr. Hu did not stop talking to all of the doctors who had come in to check up on him. Dr. Hu actually underwent ECMO therapy starting from February 7 all the way to March 22 and has finally regained his ability to speak on April 11.

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He is currently being looked after within the intensive care units at the same hospital as Dr. Yi. Dr. Li also suspected that both of the medics' skin then turned dark due to the specific type of medicine which they have received from the beginning of the treatment.

Dr. Li then added that the drug's own side effects is the darkening of the skin color although he did not specify which specific drug or drugs were used to treat them. Dr. Li also expected both medics' skin color to eventually return back to normal after their liver's function improves.