Wildfires and blistering heat waves are still devastating the state of California. Many think that lightning strikes are the cause of the California wildfire. However, authorities from San Bernardo County, east of Los Angles, said that the El Dorado fire was due to human activity.

The state agency, Cal Fire, was monitoring and responding to the wildfires when they reported the actual cause of the El Dorado fire on Sunday. According to Cal Fire's enforcement arm, the wildfire was caused by smoke generating pyrotechnics that was used during a gender reveal party.

Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

Gender reveal parties are supposed to be a joyous moment for the expecting parents and their family and friends. It is a celebration of the new member of the family by surprising either the parents or their guests of the baby's gender. Some involve pyrotechnics to make it more spectacular.

However, these can cause accidents just like what happened last September 5 when the failed gender reveal party worsened the California wildfires. Authorities said that the fire has covered over 7,000 acres over the weekend. Residents near the area are being advised to evacuate, and the San Bernardo Forest has ordered the closure on its trailheads and other recreational areas.

According to officials, this is not the first time that pyrotechnic sparks from a gender reveal party have resulted in an accident. A similar celebration started the Sawmill Fire in Arizona back in 2017, which covered more than 45,000 acres in the fire.

As of now, Cal Fire is tracking multiple blazes across California. The satellite images show that massive smoke plumes are getting worse, according to the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere at the Colorado State University, who shared the imagery over the weekend.

Cal Fire reminded the public that those who are held responsible for starting fires due to negligence or any illegal activity would be charged and held financially and criminally liable.

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Dozens Rescued From California Wildfire

Meanwhile, in some parts of California, particularly in Sierra National Forest, trapped campers were rescued by a helicopter on Saturday when the fires broke out at a Mammoth Pool campground.

There were about 150 people trapped in which ten were injured. But rescuing them was not easy as falling trees, and fierce flames made it difficult. The sheriff's officials advised the campers to find a place to jump into the Mammoth Pool reservoir if necessary.

According to a tweet on Saturday by the Fresno Fire Department, 63 people were rescued from the campground in which ten were moderately injured, two were severely wounded, and 51 others had minor injuries or no injuries at all.

They noted that aircraft rescue missions are continuing their rescue efforts as it is unclear yet how many more people are left in the wildfire. But people living near the reservoir, about 45 minutes away from Fresno, are reportedly safe.

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