Early this week, it was reported that for the first time in almost two years, in celebration of Thanksgiving this year, millions of Americans are scheduled to travel, along with some pre-travel recommendations to ensure the travelers' safety and protection, particularly from COVID-19.

Science Report specified that according to experts, they believe people can travel safely, but they should understand the risk they are taking and need to do the basics like wearing a well-fitted mask, and wiping down seats before sitting to protect themselves from the virus.

Medical experts also advised the people to get their vaccine and, or booster shot, tested for COVID-19 before their scheduled trip. Hosts for the holiday were given advice too, on how to accommodate guests for the celebration safely.

Now, when you're done with all the preparations, including the recommendations from the experts for your Thanksgiving travel, it's time to prepare the things to bring to make sure you don't get bored during your trip, while in the venue of the celebration, and spending time with your loved ones.

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Science Times - 5 Important Gadgets to Bring When Traveling for Thanksgiving; Device with UBS Ports Tops the List
(Photo: Karolina Grabowska on Pixabay)
With wired headphones when traveling, you don’t have to worry about losing battery life like the usual problems encountered with using wireless ones.

5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Your Travel

Indeed, travel is back in many countries. For this year's Thanksgiving celebration, according to a Mashable report, the number of travelers is expected to be nearly at pre-pandemic numbers, that is more than 53 million.

However, with the global health crisis still very much present and persistent supply chain problems resulting in shortages, travel might be slightly more stressful than usual.

Whether your scheduled trip is for the holidays or traveling back to work, here are five of the tech gadgets, as recommended by Mashable, to keep you company and make your travel less stressful:

1. International Adapter that Comes with PD and USB ports

This popular device comes with adapters compatible with North America, the European Union, and the United Kingdom outlets features two USB ports, specifically USB-A and USB-C, and the latter-mentioned is enabled with Power Delivery or PD, as detailed in the Goal Zero site.

Basically, PD is a high-speed charging technology so, there is no need for you to stay in your hotel room when there are important events awaiting outside, for the phone to charge.

2. Wired Headphones

For those wondering if wired headphones are allowed on a plane, here's the good news! According to the Federal Aviation Administration, you are indeed allowed to use your wired headphones, although each airline can choose whether to allow or disallow them.

With wired headphones, you don't have to worry about losing battery life like the usual problems encountered with using wireless ones.

3. Kindle E-Book

Any long-time traveler already knows that a good e-reader is essential. The most recent Kindle line of Amazon has been receiving getting impressive reviews for its large display, thin construction, and battery life of 10 weeks.

4. Power Bank 

A portable charger or power bank is essential as you will definitely use your mobile device during most of your travel. GPS, podcasts, translating apps, and videos are the leading causes of drains on phone batteries. Therefore, better arm yourself with a power bank to avoid such inconvenience.

5. Sanitizer Wand

This device that works via UV light is a great alternative for hand sanitizer that you cannot slather everything. If there is one thing you can learn from this pandemic, that's how easily germs are spreading and causing illness.

According to a CNET report, while the sanitizer wand kills the virus that causes disease, experts have warned about their safety issues, too.

Simply swipe the wand all over the plane seat, the bedspread in the hotel room, or simply an object. Not all UV light wands are devised with the same features and benefits. Therefore, it is important that you know what you're looking for when purchasing one.

Report about the UV wand sanitizer is shown on HRP Associates, Inc.'s YouTube video below:


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