With the easing of the COVID-19 restriction in many countries in time for the Thanksgiving celebration and Christmas season, the alcoholic drink seems to be the most popular beverage these times of the year.

However, a USA Today report specified that one apparently "unsolved puzzle during the holidays" cracks the code for the right amount of alcohol consumption. By right amount, this report said, it means "healthy amount."

Based on the recommendation from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, adult males have two drinks or less each day. Adult females, on the other hand, have one drink or less.

Nonetheless, the holidays merit putting a few, or more, back along with turkey carving, sports game watching, or that fun activity with the family.

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Science Times - Alcoholic Drink: How Do You Know If You’ve Consumed More Than Enough During the Holiday Season?
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Anything green to complement the unceasing carbs and turkey are essential in managing alcoholic drink.

When to Know If You've Been Binge Drinking

Deciding to stop drinking wine, cocktail, or drink for health purposes can be challenging, specifically around the holidays that make consuming alcohol a staple. There are healthy ways of alcoholic drinking, though, while still enjoying the celebrations.

Essentially, binge drinking is defined in this report as having five drinks for males and four drinks for females in a two-hour timeframe.

During the holiday season, binge drinking can occur unintentionally due to inherent social pressures. That is the reason experts are saying spacing out alcoholic beverages throughout the day can be crucial.

According to a Chicago-based registered dietician nutritionist Brian Dugan, "being mindful of balance and moderation" is essential.

During the holiday season, it can be quite a struggle to manage alcohol, explained Dugan. He added, in reality, all forms of drinking can be dangerous to health.

Therefore, it is a best practice to be mindful by spreading out the drinks over the course of the day and drinking to be social rather than drinking quite fast. Keeping oneself hydrated is also essential, even while drinking alcoholic beverages.

Bad Hangover

Excessive drinking can result in a bad hangover and other issues like alcohol poisoning and vomiting the following day.

Obvious liver concerns are likely to occur, as well. Dugan also noted that all food types people eat while drinking alcohol at a holiday party play a vital role in offsetting drinking too much.

Meaning, anything green to complement the unceasing carbs and turkey is essential. Dugan explained, eating lots of foods rich in fiber, as well as vegetables, matters.

Too much alcohol alone can work like poison in the body due to its impact on metabolism. Eating some lean protein to go with carbs and stuffing can make a difference.

Behavioral sciences assistant professor Ijeoma Opara from Yale School of Public Health sad, social pressure can frequently mix with brain chemistry for a "perfect storm of binge drinking" during the holidays.

Recommended Serving Size

According to the National Institutes of Health, a serving size is 12 fluid ounces of beer, a five-fluid ounce of wine, and one shot of distilled spirits as 1.5 fluid ounces.

Based on the guidance on risks of alcohol use, the NIH created a certain amount of calorie intake for drinking alcoholic beverages.

They are calculated according to the serving size standard of the health agency. For a light beer, the ideal amount is 103 calories. Other calculated amounts recommended include 168 calories for Margarita, 97 calories for Tequila, 125 calories for Red Winne, 124 calories for Martini, and 98 calories for Brandy.

Related information about how much alcohol is too much is shown My Doctor - Kaiser Permanente's YouTube Video below:


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