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Alcohol During Pregnancy

FASDs In Pregnancy

Alcohol is not good for pregnant women and for their babies as per experts' study and conclusion.

Bottoms Up: Americans Are Drinking Way More Than Ever Before

Heavy drinking is on the rise in many parts of the United States with researchers reporting that it is up by 17 percent since 2005, pushing the amount of alcohol consumed higher than ever before with rates rising faster among women than among men.

Kids Who Sip Alcohol May Be More Likely to Abuse It Later In Life

You may want to think twice before you let your kids try a little taste of the beer or wine you are drinking. According to a new study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, kids who sip drinks now and then are more likely to start drinking earlier, and tend to abuse alcohol when they drink.
Binge Drinking Hurts Immune System

Binge Drinking Hurts Your Immune System

Party goers everywhere are disappointed to learn from a new study that binge drinking, or even getting drunk, can slow down your immune system leaving you more susceptible to infection.
Binge Drinking

CDC Asks What’s Worse—Occasional Binging or Full-Blown Alcoholism?

Here in the U.S., with peaking numbers of DUI’s and staggering alcohol-related deaths, the government and the general public realizes that we’re facing a problem with alcohol and its effects on society. But many are left wondering, what’s worse: an occasional binge when out for a night on the town, or full-blown alcoholism? You may be surprised to find out that a new study conducted by the U.S. government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that while excessive drinking is responsible for over 88,000 deaths a year, nine out of ten Americans who drink excessively do not meet the criteria to be classified as “alcoholics”. So it’s binge drinking that’s the main culprit for these deaths.
Girls Binge Drinking

Could Binge Drinking Lead To A Solution for Alcoholism? CDC Thinks So

For those Americans who have spent some time in the south of France, or gazing at the crystal azure waters at Mediterranean shores, they know that European nations are far more into vineyards and nights out on the town than any metropolis this side of the Atlantic. But while wine and aperitivos may run free in every European meal, the U.S. on the contrary is a place of sugary sweets, where binge drinking on a holiday weekend is far more common than a daily glass of sangria. And while binge drinking in the long run is far more detrimental to one’s health, researchers now say that excess drinking and rates of alcoholism may be curbed by a new set of taxes.
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