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Researchers Discover New Potential Target in Brain Cancer

Researchers Discover New Potential Target in Brain Cancer

The team discovered that inhibiting ID1 slows the progression of tumors in glioblastoma, breast adenocarcinoma, and melanoma. In human tissue, researchers found that the protein caused cells to be more resistant to chemotherapy treatment in glioblastoma
Brain Tumors – Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Brain Cancer? || Healthy lifestyle

Mobile Phones Caused Brain Tumour: Italian Court Rules

Brain Tumors are now the leading cancer that causes death in children and the rate adults are getting brain tumors on the same side of the head as their mobile is held now has many questioning cell phone radiation safety.

Could Polio Cure Brain Cancer?

Could the cure from brain cancer rest in the hands of polio? Scientists from Duke University believe it could be. They have re-engineered the polio virus and actually adapted it to cure brain cancer, with hopes that it could further be modified to even cure other types of cancers, as well.
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