SpaceX Dragon Departs International Space Station

SpaceX confirmed yesterday that their Dragon capsule successfully departed the International Space Station and successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean both on time and on target.
NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge

Are You a Whiz At Cad? NASA Offers $2.25 Million Prize for Best Space Habitat Design

NASA and the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, known as America Makes, are hoping that additive construction innovators will design a deep space exploration habitat and then fabricate it in a new competition worth US $1.1 million for each of two winners. Phase One registration opened at the Bay Area Maker Faire on Saturday, and the second stage begins September 27.

How the ISS Plans on Getting Rid of Space Debris—Plans to Vaporize Comets in Space

Fans of shoot-em-up sci fi everywhere will be thrilled with the latest proposal for freeing the International Space Station (ISS) from the need to repeatedly alter its trajectory to avoid crashing into space junk. Researchers from the Riken Computational Astrophysics Laboratory of Japan want to use a laser system to zap dangerous space debris on a collision course with the ISS.
Progress Spacecraft

Progress Spacecraft Falling to Earth

The unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft that malfunctioned causing the Russian space program to lose control of the craft as it made its way to the International Space Station last week, will fall to Earth later this evening.

Will Russia Dismantle the ISS?

Since 1998, the International Space Station has stood has a symbol of global cooperation even at times when the participating countries weren't seeing eye to eye. It's 15 modules have been inhabited continuously since 2000 and over the years it has played host to almost 200 astronauts and cosmonauts from 15 different nations. However, despite countries extending support until 2024, this could all still come to an end.

Russia Tries to Contact Craft Bound for ISS

Russia is trying to determine what it is going to do after losing contact with the unmanned cargo craft on route to the International Space Station for a resupply mission. Currently the craft is spinning out of control, NASA said.

Round 2 For SpaceX’s 10-Point Landing

It’s first attempt was a failure, but in hopes of creating a more sustainable spaceflight industry, private spaceflight company SpaceX is going to try landing one of their rockets again. And this time you can watch the mission live, no delays and no interruptions like before.

SpaceX Poised to Try Daring Rocket Landing Again

SpaceX is set to launch its Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station on Monday, and mission control plans again to make history by landing their rocket back on Earth after blast off. The computer aims to bring the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket back to Earth for a soft touchdown on an unmanned "spaceport drone ship" in the Atlantic Ocean, after the booster sends the Dragon cargo container on its way to the International Space Station.
International Space Station

US and Russia Begin Planning the Next Space Station

While the United States and Russia relations may be at their lowest point in decades, the space agencies are working together better than they ever have before. NASA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos today announced plans to build a new space station for when the International Space Station is retired in 2024.
Mark and Scott Kelly

Space Twin Experiment Set to Answer NASA's Biggest Question

While NASA already knows many of the affects on the human body while in space, when astronaut Scott Kelly launches for the beginning of his year long mission at the International Space Station, he has one long-range goal on his mind.
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