Mission STS-112 crew pilot Pamela Melroy (L), Mission Specialists David Wolf (2nd-L), Fyodor Yurchikhin (RSA) (3rd-L), Commander Jeffrey Ashby (R), Mission Specialists Sandra Magnus and Piers Sellers.

NASA Assigns 5 Astronauts To Future Space Missions

5 astronauts named Nick Hague, Shannon Walker, Joe Acaba, Serena Aunon- Chancellor, and Ricky Arnold were selected for the crew team by NASA for taking part in upcoming international space station missions.
UFO Sighting

Massive UFO Sighting: Captured By NASA's Onboard Camera On ISS

Recently a UFO evidence has come into the limelight when a video leaked on YouTube on 2nd March. The Video alleged that a mysterious large unknown flying saucer-like vessel appeared on the onboard cam screen of International Space Station or ISS.
Expedition 46 On International Space Station

SpaceX’s Dragon Failed To Reach ISS

Carrying around three tons of supplies, SpaceX's Dragon failed to have a rendezvous with the International Space Station (ISS) on Feb. 22. This is actually due to glitch with the navigation system of the Dragon.
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