Quantum Mechanics

A Visual Representation of Particles in a Wave

Simple Mod Can Keep Quantum States 10,000 Times Longer

Technological advancements have allowed physicists to manipulate and study quantum particles, their states, and their interactions. However, they still need to figure out how to keep quantum systems from decaying long enough to practically run computations and transfer information—and a simple solution might just solve the problem
Diagram of Schrödinger's cat thought experiment. Roughly based on

Yale Creates Error-Correcting Cat for Quantum Computers

Physicists from Yale University have developed an "error-correcting cat". This device combines the concept of superposition from the famous Schrödinger's cat experiment, and the ability to fix some of the persisting problems with quantum computation.
Tractor Beam Tech is Now a Reality

Tractor Beam Tech is Now a Reality

Laser physicists at Australian National University have constructed a tractor beam that can both repel and attract objects, like a sort of shield-tractor beam combo.
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