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Science Times - How Can Smoke From West Coast Fires Cause Red Sunsets in New York?

How Can Smoke From West Coast Fires Cause Red Sunsets in New York?

If you are one of the millions of people in the Midwest and Eastern U.S. who turned your gaze toward the sky recently, you may have noticed the Sun shining through an odd, milky haze. This widespread opaque veil was caused not by clouds, but rather by smoke from wildfires in the Western U.S.
Arctic 'Zombie' Wildfires Release Megatons of Carbon Dioxide

Arctic Wildfires Result in Record-Breaking Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The 'zombie' wildfires, not directly caused by human activity, in the Arctic have been the largest fires recorded over the last 17 years. The amount of carbon and methane emitted by these large fires are record-breaking and take several months to contain.

Stay Prepared With These Disaster Must-Haves and To-Do-List

When calamities or disaster arrive it is best to be prepared than be sorry in the end. A 'go bag' is an essential tool for anyone to prepare to help the family to survive for at least a couple of days. Here are the must-haves that should be in the go bag and the things needed to remember in case a disaster strikes especially this pandemic.
Science Times - Several 'Firenados' Blaze Through California

Rare Fire Tornadoes Reported in Northern California

Fire tornadoes, similar to the 2018 Carr Fire, blazed through California this weekend. A red flag warning had been issued in several counties as thousands have already been evacuated while authorites are still containing around five 'firenadoes.'
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