Cupertino-based corporate giants Apple will be releasing a new successor to their currently popular iPad pro tablets. The company will also be celebrating the opening of their new corporate headquarters alongside their tenth year anniversary of marketing their iPhones. Reports from the internet hint that Apple will be bringing out the new iPad Pro 2 in not two but three variants.

Internet leaks seem to suggest that Apple for the iPad Pro 2, will also offer a third 10.5-inch model part of their new lineup. The software giant will be holding their annual developer conference in California where they are expected to announce new operating systems for all their devices. Reports from Expert Reviews seems to suggest that Apple might not reveal their new iPad models in June but however, will unveil the new 10.5-inch variant part of the existing iPad Pro line-up itself.

There's no concrete reason for Apple to release any new products during their developer since it's mainly concentrating on their software side rather than the hardware primarily. Apple usually unveils all their products in September where they hold a dedicated product launch event in San Francisco every year. The new iPad Pro 2 tablets will be equipped with a better version of the existing A10 processor chips developed by Apple.

Meanwhile, other details from Inquisitr explains as to why Apple might not really improve any hardware on the upcoming tablets due to their usual upgrade period which is once in every two years. There is no precise information about their new iPad Pro 2 product whatsoever since the manufacturer decides to maintain all confidentiality behind closed doors.

That said, the iPad Pro 2 is an imminent update whatsoever, be it in its product size or the device, in general, itself due to rapid advancements in technology day by day. Alongside the iPad Pro 2, their other small device lineup like the iPad Mini products will also likely witness an upgrade very soon.