herd immunity

The Great Barrington Declaration States That Herd Immunity May End the Pandemic

Can Herd Immunity Put an End to Coronavirus?

Thousands of experts and citizens around the world have signed the Great Barrington Declaration to go against lockdown measures. However, other experts believe that herd immunity is not the best answer in beating the pandemic as millions are affected and have already lost their lives to the virus.
Herd Immunity Would be 'Totally Unacceptable,' Says Fauci

Herd Immunity in the US Is Complicated Due to the Obesity Epidemic

The current case count in the U.S. is only getting worse with 1,000 deaths per day, with up to 200,000 deaths forecasted by September. At this rate and with the country's obesity epidemic, herd immunity is not an option and would only result in a massive death count.
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