Black Hole

Black Hole

Black Hole Seen 'Burping' Gas

Astronomers witnessed a black hole in a nearby galaxy "burping" gas believed coming from its celestial meal millions of years ago.
Hubble Video Shows Shock Collision inside Black Hole Jet

Hubble Spots Collisions and Cosmic Disarray At the Center of Black Hole

When it comes to high-speed collisions, nobody here on Earth has anything on black holes. Astronomers have witnessed a new first: two high-speed knots of matter colliding in a sort of rear-end impact. They saw this after creating a time-lapse video of a super-speed jet of plasma as it shot out of a supermassive black hole. The knots of matter were inside the black hole until it blasted them out-and into each other.
Brightest Galaxy

Brightest Galaxy Ever Discovered Could Contain 300 Trillion Suns

Scientists have discovered an ultra bright galaxy that while very far away at an estimated 12.5 billion light years, is still considered to be the most luminous galaxy every found in the universe and scientists believe it could contain more than 300 trillion suns.

Rare Quasar Quartet is the First of Its Kind

Imagine winning the Powerball jackpot-more than once. You may have a sense of how a team of astronomers feels after their discovery of a set of four quasars at the visible universe's edge. These brilliant beacons of light are typically spread far apart, but this quartet exists shoved together in only 650,000 light-years of space-equivalent to around a quarter of the distance between our closest big neighbor galaxy Andromeda and the Milky Way.
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