Chinese Travel For Lunar New Year

Sudden Death In Young People Is Genetic

Research tackling sudden death discover that CDH2 gene causes a genetic disorder that makes young people prone to cardiac arrest. The finding is a result of a 15-year-old international collaboration.
The first animal cloning was done on a sheep named Dolly.

Science Of Cloning: The Facts You Need To Know

Cloning is the process of producing identical copy of a living being by replicating its genetic information. More than creation it is perceived as re-creation of an already existing biological entity.

Sperms Also Carry Father's Weight

Recent studies suggest that sperm not only carries genetic makeup but also genetic code of the father's weight and can potentially be passed on to the offspring leading toward obesity.

All In The Family: Arranged Marriages And Genetic Diversity

A Massey University research team has discovered some interesting new truths about the ways arranged marriages affect genetic diversity and the ways that humans follow even important cultural rules selectively-and they may surprise you. The results show that the isolated Indonesian Rindi tribe produces genetic diversity similar to random mating by loosely complying with their rules which mandate arranged, inbred marriages.
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