DNA Evidence From Viking Burials Reveal How They Spread Throughout Europe

Not All Vikings Were Scandinavian, Experts Reveal in a New Study

The Vikings were a people feared by many for their raids, piracy, and violence. However, new DNA evidence shows that not all Vikings came from Scandinavia as previously thought. Geneticists discover how widespread the Vikings had been all over Europe.
Scientists Unveil the Complex and 'Highly Unusual' Genetics of Tuataras

The Lizard-Like Tuatara Is More Platypus and Less Reptile

Tuataras are some of the oldest living species that have existed since the time of the dinosaurs. Researchers from New Zealand and Australia were surprised to discover just how complex the tuatara genome is and its rightful place in the tree of life.
Italian Island Mysteriously Spared From COVID-19

Italian Island Mysteriously Spared from COVID-19

Experts are baffled how an island in Italy, one of the countries with record-high coronavirus cases, could have been spared from the deadly virus. Could genes have something to do with this mystery or was it pure luck?
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