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5 Most Dangerous Plants in Existence

To remind us of the creatively scary ways nature instilled fear in humans, here are eight of the most dangerous plants in existence:
Amanda, 50yr Old Gorilla, Euthanized this Week at Woodland Park Zoo

Zoo's Oldest Gorilla Euthanized Due to Health Decline

Amanda, Woodland Park Zoo's 50-Year-Old gorilla, was humanely euthanized because of serious health decline. Amanda was struggling to finish her meals and became less active. She was also well ahead of the life expectancy of gorillas in the natural range, which is around 30-35 years
Precious Pangolin

New Study Shows the Extent of Global Illegal Wildlife Trade

Poaching has become a greater threat than previously thought. The study surveyed 30,000 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, and found out that the percentage of the illegally traded animals are 40-60% higher and will continue to rise unless stopped.
Making Natural Products in an Unnatural Way

Making Natural Products in an Unnatural Way

The team have been able to create a synthetic metabolic pathway that will allow scientists to access these essential compounds in a controlled and efficient way
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