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Climate Change Data Should Be Saved From Trump

Mar 13, 2017 08:59 AM EDT

An aerial view of forest destruction of Gunung Leuser National Park on March 21, 2016 in Aceh, Indonesia.
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As many people do not believe in climate change, U.S. president Trump does not too. Many scientists, professors and anti-Trump Americans believe that Trump would slowly delete the climate change data that was acquired for years.

The University of California in San Diego is already quickening their act to save and preserve the data that they have researched for over years. Many of the scientists who have work for it believed that Trump will interfere with their work, LA Times reported. Before President Trump's oath taking, many people have already saved the websites and web pages of the government regarding climate change data. However, after scientists and professors think that Trump and his team can still suppress information that's central to policy discussions, international treaties and business regulations, they will speed things up.

They have started working because, in the last two months, the Trump administration has cleaned anything that is related to climate change from several White House web pages. Trump administration has also removed different data from federal websites. Most of the deleted files will be available only upon request. Moreover, Trump administration will cut the budget of agencies that are concern with climate change and global warming.

President Donald Trump and his administration, specifically Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt and his Department of Energy Head Rick Perry and Senate Energy Committee Chair Jim Inhofe are adamantly denying the facts stated by the scientists who probably know better, The Joplin Globe stated. But not only that they are even campaigning that it is not because of humans' fault, not because of deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels.

People give the reason "I am not a scientist" and just brush off the climate change issue at hand. However, many effects of climate change are felt and are really happening. Scientists are just hoping more people will believe them rather than President Trump who is not a scientist. Action needs to be done, and fast.

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