Should We Be Wary of Having Smart Home Technology?

Should We Be Wary of Having Smart Home Technology?

Like other technological devices that make our lives easier (e.g., smartphones), smart home technology makes life in our home more convenient and more efficient. With smart home technology, you can control almost everything in your home, right from your smartphone!
A section of Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

MIT Study Counts Pedestrians to Guide Urban Planning

A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) estimates foot traffic in cities in an effort to help city planners and developers study not only vehicle movement, but the flow of people more accurately.
The Science Behind

The Science Behind "Ashes to Memorial Diamonds" and the Impact of Eterneva

Throughout the centuries, science has permitted civilizations to advance in all aspects of life. Science has been used to cure diseases, visit the moon, and extend the human lifespan. In recent years, scientists have taken a naturally occurring process - the creation of diamonds - and recreated it in the lab. First completed by General Electric in 1954, this process is now being used by companies to help individuals mourn the loss of loved ones.
 Eyecam: The Creepy Webcam That Looks and Moves Like A Real Eye

Creepy Eyecam Webcam Looks, Moves Like A Real Eye

Scientists from Germany created Eyecam, a creepy webcam that looks and moves like a real eye to show that people are surrounded by webcams that they are not even aware of, which sparks discussion on privacy issues on sensing devices.
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