Super-Genes Benefits On A Human Body

For the last hundreds of years, humanity has rapidly mounted up to another level of intelligence. Scientist and researchers have been developing more ways to improve the quality of the human life.

Fighting Fire With Fire—Viruses to Combat Disease

University of Virginia School of Medicine scientists have unraveled the mystery of a strange virus in the hopes of creating more effective tools in the war against human disease. The secret weapon this virus may offer? "Armor" for disease-fighting DNA courtesy of the SIRV2 virus, who calls acid at almost boiling temperatures home.

New Issue of ‘Science’ Tackles Individualized Immunotherapies and the Future of Cancer Research

When it comes to tackling important issues within the science community that address realistic needs of the public, few publications are quite as thoughtful as the journal Science when it comes to curating the best of the best research, in any given field. Though the journal often covers a wide breadth of topics, this week they’re headed in a new direction, talking about game-changing cancer immunotherapy and the future possibility of individualized treatments that will take every patient’s genetic makeup and mutations into consideration. And it has become a conversation led by many hopeful researchers at the helm, backed by promising data.
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