More floods and drought should be expected due to climate change.

Climate Change Increases River Flow Volume, More Floods & Droughts Elsewhere

Hotter temperatures means more water is evaporated to the sky. Once the atmosphere releases the heavy load it absorbed, a downpour will occur delivering more flood in a rush and back again. The rushing of water back to the sea will cause water fro the soil to evaporate keaving it parched and dry, drought is in the air.
Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest

NOAA Recorded 2017 Has The Second Warmest February Since 1880

NASA, NOAA, and Japan Meteorological Agency have confirmed that the average temperature of February was the Second Warmest since 1880. The average temperature was 1.76 degrees higher than the mean temperature of the 20th century.
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