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Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

Astronauts Picked Their Bets For Super Bowl 2017 from Space

It's that time of the year for Super Bowl and everyone's hyped even the astronauts from space! Just like any football fan, two International Space Station astronauts showed their support for Super Bowl and even picked their bets.
US Astronaut Shares Photo Of First Flower To Bloom In Space

US Astronaut Shares First Flower To Bloom In Space

The historic news that the zinnia flower aboard the International Space Station has bloomed, according to US astronaut Scott Kelly via his official Twitter account. Kelly posted a photo of an orange flower with 13 petals.
NASA Orders Commercial Space Flight

NASA Orders First Ever Commercial Human Spaceflight from Boeing

Since the retirement of the shuttle program, the restoration of launching American astronauts to the International Space Station from American soil by 2017 has been a goal of NASA. Now, that goal has taken a giant leap forward as NASA has ordered its first commercial spaceflight mission from Boeing.

A Bird’s Eye View Aboard an Aborted SpaceX Test Mission

SpaceX is one step closer to being the first privately-owned company to send astronauts to space. And one of the most important aspects of any mission is protecting the lives of the crew. So they recently tested an abort system that would propel astronauts to safety in the event of an emergency. And a point-of-view camera let us come along for the ride.

SpaceX Dragon Departs International Space Station

SpaceX confirmed yesterday that their Dragon capsule successfully departed the International Space Station and successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean both on time and on target.
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